Answering the social anxiety self test questions will help to assess if you have the symptoms of social anxiety. This simple test is designed to help you determine whether you may possibly be suffering from social anxiety / social phobia. It is different than suffering from shyness.

Do I have Signs of Social Anxiety?

  • How well do you interact with people?
  • How do you feel in a crowd or group?
  • Do social functions make you feel nervous or anxious?

Find out whether anxiety is getting the best of you with the Social Anxiety Test

Answer the questions below based on how you have been feeling for the last 30 days:

1. Have you ever felt an intense and persistent fear about one or more social situations where there were going to be strangers present? Y / N

2. Have you ever felt an intense and persistent fear about a situation where you were required to perform or be evaluated (exams, presentations etc.)? Y / N

3. Have you ever worried that you will act in a way in social situations that will cause you embarrassment, or lead to you being ridiculed by others?Y / N

4. Have you ever forced yourself to attend a social situation that you were anxious about and as a result been so fearful that you felt overwhelmed or had a panic attack? Y / N

5. Do you feel that the anxiety you feel is excessive or unreasonable? Y / N

6. Once you become fearful of a particular social situation, do you tend to avoid it, or become excessively worried about it in anticipation of it causing you anxiety? Y / N

7. Has your anxiety, avoidance or distress about your anxiety caused problems in your work, home or social life? Y / N

8. Before or during any kind of feared social situation, do you experience any symptoms such as trembling, blushing, nausea or sweating? Y / N

If you answered “Yes” to two or more of the above you may have a problem with Social Anxiety.

You can find out more about social anxiety here

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