When I started this site I wanted it to be a one stop shop for information, resources and treatment for people who struggle with Social Anxiety and Shyness. You can read through my blog articles, listen to the podcast for great tips and interesting interviews, download my free e-book, sign up for the full online treatment program, or contact me ›.

Blog Articles

blog-resource-iconMy blog is published weekly and is a collection of the latest research, clinical experience and helpful tips from around the web on how to understand and help yourself, or someone you love, with Social Anxiety and Shyness. It was recently awarded “Best of the Web” by the popular psychology website “Psych Central” for best anxiety blog, and is yours free to your inbox every week….



podcast-resource-icon“The Confident Mind” is the weekly Podcast of in which I explore the science, news and reality behind the use of mindfulness to help overcome social anxiety. As well as having a relaxed and sometimes lighthearted look at the research into and the reasoning behind mindfulness, I offer a series of practical exercises to help you learn the skills to become more confident.



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