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Over the next five weeks I’ll be taking a break for the Southern Hemisphere Christmas and Summer Holiday.  So each week I’ll be posting one of my interview podcasts from the last year.  New Episodes from the 20th January. Happy Holidays everyone!

In this episode of The Confident Mind Podcast I talk with Dr. John Grohol of about Online therapy.
John  is a pioneer in online mental health, publishing the first commercial mental health portal in 1995.   He was the first to publish a self-help book online, as well as the first to publish the official diagnostic symptom lists for mental disorders online. In 2001, he created the world’s first mental health social networking community at Psych Central.
He is a founding member, fellow and the first president of the International Society for Mental Health Online.
Dr. Grohol currently publishes the 16-year-old one of the leading mental health social networks online offering consumers professionally-reviewed mental health information, resources, news, research briefs, the popular World of Psychology blog, social networking tools, and dozens of safe, secure support communities.

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