REPOSTED: The Anxiety Trance: Interview with Mark Tyrrell

The Confident Mind Podcast Interview with Mark Tyrell

Over the next five weeks I’ll be taking a break for the Southern Hemisphere Christmas and Summer Holiday.  So each week I’ll be posting one of my interview podcasts from the last year.  New Episodes from the 20th January. Happy Holidays everyone!

In this episode of “The Confident Mind” I talk to Mark Tyrrell an experienced therapist, trainer and speaker who regularly writes on psychology with a difference.   He is the co-founder of Uncommon Knowledge, a solution-focused therapy training company which provides online training in therapy and counselling skills worldwide. Mark writes a therapy training blog with his thoughts on psychotherapy at

Mark and I discuss the role of hypnotherapy in treating Social Anxiety along with Mark’s new book “New Ways of Seeing: The Art of Therapeutic Re-framing”, and you can get a copy for yourself below.

To see more about my online treatment program to help you Overcome Social Anxiety, which is “Pay What You Want” (yes really, $1, $5, $50 it’s up to you!) go to:

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