The Egotist – Interview with Jesse Bogner

Interview with Jesse Bogner

In this episode of The Confident Mind I talk with Jesse Bogner, a twenty-seven year old graduate of Bard College with a BA in Creative Writing.  He is an author, screenwriter, and blogger for Shatterproof.

His latest book, The Egotist, tracks his development from a hedonistic New Yorker to a Kabbalist, on a path to find the meaning of life. This book offers a glimpse into the misunderstood world of Kabbalah and how the collective plea of Kabbalists has the power to correct the egos of individuals and the world at large.

You can get a copy of The Egotist for yourself below.

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  • Geoff

    Thanks Kyle for posting this interview. My experience, battling ACC strangely, led me to a place of immense strength and self-knowledge from one of total despair and destruction of my family, either that or I became complete nutter. I transformed into I guess what would be defined as Buddhism, but not through being introduced to Buddhism but through turning inside out and in the words of Michael E Gerber “see it don’t be it”. Only thing is when you suddenly see yourself as one with the Universe rather than a christened finite named physical blob, and as a dendrite of gods creation; then individual physical motivation becomes aimless as the need for physical gratification and wanting ceases, while eternal life (spiritually) becomes the truth.
    I can see how kabbalah could solve that with the idea that rather than dying to the personal randomly constructed Ego we reform the Ego with conscious purpose and intent to build a stronger connection through the expression of love. Anyway, I bought the Kindle book as an opportunity to understand Kabbalah and it’s intent without having to read through screes of material.

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