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3 Types of Jobs for People With Social Anxiety

  I’ve written before about how to deal with social anxiety in the workplace and how to tackle job interviews when you have social anxiety – but what type of jobs should you go for in the first place? The bottom line is that social anxiety may seem to discount the vast majority of careers but [read more…]

my name is john i have social anxiety

About 18 months ago I decided to create John (a fictional character) and wrote some posts about his experiences with social anxiety. The stories were all made up of real clinical experiences from more than 15 years of treating people with Social Anxiety Disorder. John’s experiences typify those of people living with Social Anxiety and [read more…]

Job Interviews Social Anxiety

There’s only really one point to make here, and that’s the fact that some of the greatest minds, some of the most successful businessmen and some of the most powerful leaders have all lived and worked through social anxiety. You can make a career out of what you’re good at – regardless of how you [read more…]

Social Anxiety at Work

Social anxiety interferes with all aspects of normal life, from relationships with friends and family to how we experience the world around us. And with the Christmas holidays well and truly over, no doubt a lot of you have found it challenging going back into the work environment. The workplace is a distillation of the [read more…]


If you have been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (commonly referred to as SAD), you may have decided to handle it, at some point or another, by avoiding the cause of your phobia: people. Giving up on the prospect of forming a meaningful relationship, declining invitations to parties, shying away from friendships, all this, and [read more…]


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