Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or “CBT” is a well-established treatment approach of many mental health problems including Social Anxiety Disorder.

It helps people observe their thoughts, ideas and beliefs that tend to support or intensify the emotions of anxiety.  At it’s core CBT believes that our thoughts create our emotions, and our thoughts are influenced by what we believe about ourselves and the world.  By helping people observe these ways that we filter and interpret the world CBT helps people alter their experience of it.

Can CBT help treat social anxiety?

CBT is a validated and supported treatment for depression, anxiety, substance abuse and many other diagnoses.  It has been criticised for being too change focussed and not paying enough attention to acceptance and validation of people struggles, but skilfully conducted CBT can be very helpful for sufferers of Social Anxiety Disorder.

Kyle MacDonald is trained and experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has used it to help people with a wide range of difficulties for many years.  He has incorporated the aspects that he believes is useful into his treatment system for Overcoming Social You can find out more about this system by clicking here


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