People often wonder whether what they experience is actually social anxiety, or whether they just feel nervous or shy.  If you have ever experienced one or more of the following typical signs and symptoms of social anxiety disorder (SAD) then you may want to take out self test for social anxiety to find out if you are more likely to have it.

The typical signs and symptoms of someone who is suffering from social anxiety are:

  • Anxiety days or hours before a social event, and persistent worry thoughts about what people at the even will think of you
  • Intense fear of feeling embarrassed or being humiliated in public
  • Worrying a lot about being judged
  • Intense fear of situations involving strangers
  • Feeling afraid others will notice you’re anxious
  • Struggling to make eye contact or talk when in social situations
  • Avoiding situations where any of the above things might happen
  • Anxiety that means your life is disrupted, missing appointments, trouble at work and in relationships with others
  • Knowing the anxiety is “irrational” or “out of control” but not being able to stop it
  • Panic attacks or intense anxiety if you force yourself into a situation that causes anxiety
  • “Ruminating” or being unable to stop thinking about situations where you felt anxious or were worried you were being judged by others

If you are experiencing any of the above signs or symptoms, then it would be worth understanding more about the causes of your social anxiety, and what steps you can take to effectively treat social anxiety and social phobia.

I would also recommend that you consider my program on how you can overcome social anxiety. You can go to the homepage and watch the video now to see what the program will be about, and I will also let you know when it is available to trial – which is not far away.

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