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NZ Herald Columnists - Kyle MacDonald - Overcoming Social Anxiety

I’m pretty excited about having been invited to be a regular weekly columnist for New Zealand’s biggest daily newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.

This week I was interviewed and talked my views about therapy and what I hope to acheive with the column

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Every Thursday I’ll be answering a mental health or therapy-related question from readers, so no matter where you are in the world send me your questions, just click on the link in the article, and I’ll do my best to answer!

I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to talk openly about therapy and mental health, and hopefully help people who may be wondering if therapy is right for them.

So, ask me anything!


  • longitude37

    Hi Kyle, I have had unexplained social anxiety for many years so was actually pretty thrilled to be diagnosed with mild bipolar earlier this year. As soon as I started treatment I felt great – better than in years. However, I stupidly told the HR department at my work and they took the stance that ‘bipolar is very serious – as serious as a stroke’ and fired me, while saying I was very good at my job and they admired me for fighting to keep my job. Do you think large corporations with large HR departments should be more educated about mental illness? I was especially surprised because I worked for a media organisation (NZ Herald) that is always publishing stories about mental health leading to homelessness etc (yes, I am still unemployed after five months). Interested in your opinion re training for HR staff. Thanks

    • Tricky, my only advice, if you feel you’ve been unfairly dismissed would be to speak with an employment lawyer.

  • edwin

    Hi Kyle,

    I love the Q & A section so people can ask about their social anxiety problems. Big up for you. Not everybody is doing that.

    I just came across a youtube video. It’s a testimonial about some kind of system. The testimonial looks legit and the website and the information looks awesome too.

    Still i’m a bit skeptical. I already tried so much in my life, but nothing really ever worked for me.

    I would really love to have your opnion about this video and the program. Is it legit? Do you think this would be a good program to follow? Hope so. Tired of living my life this way.

    Just keep up this good work and hope to hear you soon.

    Kind regards,


  • Instant Reliefs

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    Thanks for sharing.


    It’s been really hard for me to keep a career…I am very capable and intelligent but the social anxiety always causes me to isolate myself because of difficulty fitting in. I’ve recently learned all my mental health issues are trauma related since I grew up in a violent home. Anyways this is a great blog…very useful information for this particular type of anxiety.

  • very nice bro, keep writing.
    anxiety is becoming a major issue, i live in dubai and i was looking for anxiety treatment in dubai , can you suggest me that how to get rid from this without any consultation, like at my home.

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