If you’re worried about whether or not you may have social anxiety, then at the very least there is a problem.  And the fact that you’ve made it to this page means you think that there is a problem with how much anxiety you feel when in social situations.

The core of Social Anxiety Disorder is an intense fear of judgement by others and feeling embarrassed and/ or ridiculed when in public or in social situations or performance situations.  This anxiety needs to be severe enough to lead to you avoiding situations for fear of feeling anxious.

Are you distressed with your anxiety symptoms?

One of the important things about Social Anxiety is how you feel about your anxiety.  For a person to be diagnosed with Social Anxiety, they need to be distressed by the anxiety symptoms, they need to feel as if the anxiety is irrational or excessive to the situation.  It also needs to interfere with your life.

In short, if your anxiety is upsetting to you and it’s getting in the way of you living the life you want, you may very well have Social Anxiety but even if you don’t there are likely some problems in your life that need some attention.

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