Social Anxiety Test: Congratulations, You Failed!

There aren’t many tests in life that people want to fail. But largely psychological tests are one of those situations.

There are many psychological tests out there to help people figure out what kind of personality they have, what sort of work you might be suitable for, who your ideal mate is, you name it there’s a test for it. It’s a big industry all of it’s own.

Social Anxiety Self Test

One of the most used for social anxiety is the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale or “LSAS-SR” (psychologists love acronyms). If you want to you can take the social anxiety test here on my website.

It’s pretty comprehensive and also pretty long. However, in my experience a good psychological test should only tell us what we already know. And if you’re here, on this site, reading this blog, odds are you’re already pretty sure it’s a problem for you.

However the tests can help people think about different aspects of what it means to struggle with social anxiety.

So go ahead take test. I hope you fail!

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