REPOSTED: The Egotist – Interview with Jesse Bogner

Interview with Jesse Bogner

I’ve had a super busy week, so I gave myself some time off podcasting.  In the meantime this episode is one of my personal favourites…

In this episode of The Confident Mind I talk with Jesse Bogner, a twenty-seven year old graduate of Bard College with a BA in Creative Writing.  He is an author, screenwriter, and blogger for Shatterproof.

His latest book, The Egotist, tracks his development from a hedonistic New Yorker to a Kabbalist, on a path to find the meaning of life. This book offers a glimpse into the misunderstood world of Kabbalah and how the collective plea of Kabbalists has the power to correct the egos of individuals and the world at large.

You can get a copy of The Egotist for yourself below.

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