Last week I opened my emails and received an email from Richard & Lilliana at Relaxation Ways – a website dedicated to providing helpful information about Relaxation Techniques, Stress Management and Wellness in the 21st Century.

They said that my site had been nominated as one of the top sites in the niche relaxation, stress relief and anxiety category for 2015! They pointed out that although there is a lot of information on fears and anxieties, few websites give useful pointers on ways to manage them, and that my site really stood out!

Criteria for selection were as follows:

These outstanding websites are where you can find the very latest information, for relaxation techniques, meditation, self help courses and resources help to reduce stress, manage phobias, anger and anxiety. Points taken into consideration:

a) Information is accurate to meet current modern trends.
b) Website layout is attractive and easy to browse.
c) Availability of self help resources and information downloads.
d) Detailed information guides to help find stress relief and relaxation techniques.

I’d like to thank all of you who regularly read my blogs and listen to my podcast each day / week, and for the constant feedback I receive – it’s very humbling!

And to all the other winners that were selected, congratulations to all of them as well – well done!

Here’s a link to Overcoming Social Anxiety on Relaxation Ways and all the other winners.

All the best, Kyle

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