Why Do I Have Social Anxiety? (Video Blog)

Why. Why. Why?

I hear this question a lot. Such questions as;

  • Why do I have social anxiety?
  • Why do I experience social anxiety?
  • Why is social anxiety such a problem for me?
  • Why is avoidence such a big problem for me?

There are a lot of answers to “why?”.

But a lot of times “why” can get in the way. Listen to my latest video blog to find out “why” this is the case.

I hope you find my video post useful, take care, see you again soon,


  • aĺlan

    ive GAD its crippling ,
    social Gatherings i dread i hate them i avoid like the plaque.
    I say there boring no one talks to me etc ive haf panic attacks so i dont go out much anymore im to affraid of what if etc etc that senario ive read a book on coping i even take a spray to relieve the tension in my head
    im very judgemental and have an ocd effect on every thing i see as an negative thing is going to happen to me personally i have fears of being hurt and i dont trust anyone in my life its gettingvto a point where i dont know who i am anymore i need some advice a lot has happened in my life in the past 8 years

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