Can eBooks Really Cure Social Anxiety?

“Your cured”.

Google “Social Anxiety” and you’ll find plenty of websites promising to cure your social anxiety, most of them with clever tips and tricks, ideas, false promises and an eBook. Yes, I have an eBook (you can find my ebook here), but i’s important to differentiate that my book is free, and it’s a story about Simon, a long time sufferer of Social Anxiety, not snake oil cures for social anxiety, phobias or shyness.

You might also be shocked to discover that I don’t have any silver bullets, or magic tips or tricks.  I’m unlikely to spend a lot of time helping you succeed on a first date either. Sorry!

I actually want to help people to overcome their social anxiety

You see, when I set about making this website, I actually wanted to help people overcome their social anxiety and social phobia, not just sell lots of eBooks.  And I’ve spent six years of my life training to be a therapist, and another 12 years since then working helping people overcome all sorts of problems in their life.

And the only thing I can guarantee is that it is hard work to overcome social anxiety disorder, and change your life.  And anyone who says it ain’t is lying, and probably trying to sell you something. Like an eBook.

Therapy these days isn’t a mysterious process, where you lie on the couch for years, three times a week.  It’s based on science and we know a lot about how to help people gain better control of their emotions, control what they pay attention to and structure their day to day life around maximising emotional health.

We also know that sometimes people can get quick gains with tips and tricks, but more often than not if you don’t make some fundamental changes to how you relate to yourself and others, those gains quickly fade.  You’ve probably noticed this yourself, and been left feeling like “I’m beyond help.”

So I won’t guarantee that this programme will cure you.  Because that’s up to you, it’s your hard work that will make this programme work.

But I will guarantee that it’s based on the latest science, best treatment approaches and 15 years clinical experience.  I’ll also guarantee that I will keep improving it, updating it and working to make it the best online help site for Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in the world. Period.

  • Beatrice

    I just came across your website after seeing your link from a article. I like your site and your articles. Keep up the great work!

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