Almost everyone finds job interviews anxiety-provoking to an extent. People that suffer from social anxiety can have a difficult time landing jobs. Many interviewers misinterpret signs of anxiety during a job interview for lack of competencies. It can be pretty upsetting.

But there is good news for people that have difficulty with social anxiety and interviews: Social anxiety is treatable. 

job interview tips for social anxiety

I’m Kyle MacDonald, and I have specialized in helping people manage and overcome their experiences with social anxiety for over 15 years. I am a registered Psychotherapist, and I know what it takes to help you firstly understand it, and then get through it.

So let’s start with a common question I am regularly asked:

“Kyle – do you have any job interview tips for social anxiety?”.


Here are some job interview tips for people with social anxiety:

Get started on creating the career you deserve today with the right approach to job interviews. There are a few basic tips that can help you feel less anxious about job interviews:

Be calm and confident:

Many people have attended a job interview only to find out that it was a bad fit. One of the best interview tips for people with social anxiety is to never get too excited about the job. This is only one interview. You might have dodged a bullet and months of a miserable job. Keep looking until you find the right fit.

Be certain to have the right attitude:

It is important to go into a job interview with the right attitude. Be positive that things will work out. Then, stay in the present. Do not worry about where you parked your car or why the interviewer was late. Go in with the right attitude, and remain positive throughout the interview.

Be careful not to read too far into things:

People that have social anxiety often tend to see behaviors and social signals that are inaccurate. Stay present, and stay collected. When you feel yourself getting increasingly anxious, pause for a second. Speak more slowly. Be articulate by staying calm.


Finding Help for Job Interviews With Social Anxiety

I am an expert in providing social anxiety job interview help to people of all walks of life. I am confident that I can help you overcome individual issues with social anxiety and interviews. Change how you think about job interviews, and gain the right amount of confidence. A single job interview is almost never the end of the world. View a job interview that ended poorly as practice for the next interview. View rejection from prospective employers as part of an ongoing learning experience.

Step by Step Online Program

The good news is that I’ve developed a step-by-step online program that will help you to start living a higher quality of life as soon as possible. After you’ve spent some time working through it, you’ll feel more confident to start exploring the many career opportunities available to you. Join other social anxiety sufferers, and take the first step to successfully understanding, managing, and overcoming social anxiety disorder today!


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