The Anxiety Trance: Interview with Mark Tyrrell

The Confident Mind Podcast Interview with Mark Tyrell

In this episode of “The Confident Mind” I talk to Mark Tyrrell an experienced therapist, trainer and speaker who regularly writes on psychology with a difference.   He is the co-founder of Uncommon Knowledge, a solution-focused therapy training company which provides online training in therapy and counselling skills worldwide. Mark writes a therapy training blog with his thoughts on psychotherapy at

Mark and I discuss the role of hypnotherapy in treating Social Anxiety along with Mark’s new book “New Ways of Seeing: The Art of Therapeutic Re-framing”, and you can get a copy for yourself below.

To see more about my online treatment program to help you Overcome Social Anxiety, which is “Pay What You Want” (yes really, $1, $5, $50 it’s up to you!) go to:

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