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The amygdalae are groups of nuclei in the temporal lobes of our brain which play a crucial role in processing decisions and emotions and consolidating memories. It is well known that the left and right hemispheres of the brain control different cognitive and motor functions, and likewise, amygdalae perform different tasks depending on the hemisphere [read more…]

We have all experienced feeling out of our comfort zone in social situations at some point in our lives, and some might argue that challenging yourself, within reason, isn’t always a bad thing and might actually enrich your existence. However, when this discomfort turns to phobia and controls your routine to the point where you [read more…]

Seattle Seahawks Used Mindfulness to Win Superbowl

A recent article on ESPN described how the Seattle Seahawks team sports psychologist, Mike Gervais, used mindfulness training and meditation as a core part of the team’s training regime. Here’s a snippet from the article;   Full the full story on how the Seattle Seahawks successfully incorporate mindfullness meditation into their training regime, click here “Quiet your [read more…]


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