Emotions Make Themselves True

Emotions are cunning things.  You see if we feel something strongly enough, it just becomes true.  It makes sense as their job is to keep us alive, but if you’re prone to feeling things too strongly then it means that your emotions can dictate how you see the world.

I was talking to someone this week who was sure that their friend didn’t want to be their friend anymore, because they hadn’t responded to a text.  They could see it was “irrational” but felt it to be true.

They were feeling rejected, strongly enough that her mind felt that the person must be rejecting her: the feeing became “true.”

Mindfulness skills, and the system I have designed will help you learn how to observe and manage this process.  If we can get our mind “back online” in these moments, we don’t get rid of the feeling, but we can see it for what it is.

Just an emotion, not the facts.


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