Group approaches for social phobia can be among the most challenging for people who struggle with Social Anxiety Disorder as it often requires people to confront their anxiety to just attend a group.

Generally group approaches to help people overcome social anxiety either teach skills and Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (CBT) approaches to help people manage and challenge their anxiety, or more traditional group therapy approaches where people discuss there problems and get help and support from the group.

Can group therapy help manage social anxiety?

CBT groups have been found to be effective as a way to teach Cognitive Behavioural approaches to people who struggle with Social Phobia.  These groups tend to be time limited to a certain number of sessions, have particular homework assignments and use the interactions in the group to help people learn and utilise skills to manage their anxiety.

Kyle MacDonald has had many years experience running CBT and DBT groups, as well as more traditional therapy groups, for people with many different struggles, including Social Anxiety Disorder.

Currently in development is an online group therapy component of Kyle’s treatment approach.  Sign up to the blog to keep up to date with the “Safe Zone” and online interactive community being constructed exclusively for members of


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