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When fear becomes part of your daily routine it might seem strange that a festival based on being frightened can actually help. Halloween has its roots in pagan and religious festivals – but for all intents and purposes it has become a giant global costume party, during which you’re as likely to find a five-year-old [read more…]

Making Small Talk With Social Anxiety

8 Steps to Making Smalltalk

The art of aimless chatter may be something most people take for granted, but for those of you living with social anxiety it can be the hardest part of life to master. First of all you are acutely aware that you’re not talking part in a conversation, or you’re not striking up a conversation with [read more…]

Kindness Helping Social Anxiety

Why Being Kind Makes You Feel Better

We’re constantly bombarded with reasons why our dog-eat-dog world requires us to be more driven, more selfish and more competitive if we want to succeed. And, conversely, shy people or those with social anxiety are therefore less likely to get ahead in business or do well in school. But researchers in Canada have been working [read more…]


The fear of using the bus or train is one of the most often cited examples of social anxiety on public transport – and it’s no surprise. It encapsulates a lot of the issues surrounding both the initial fear of being in public and also the spiralling fears which come from avoiding a certain situation [read more…]

I am interviewed every other week on Radio Live, with Wallace Chapman. Late last year I spoke with Wallace about the fear of public speaking, and how most people would rather be dead than give a speech! That’s what most surveys say, time and time again when asked about their fears, people rank public speaking [read more…]

How I Beat Stagefright and Anxiety Despite My Fears

How I Beat Stage Fright Despite My Fears

This is a really great little video that I wanted to share with everyone.  It’s one man’s light hearted take on fear, and how he overcame his own stage fright and anxiety to perform his music in public. I hope you find it helpful.  Many of Joe’s ideas and approaches are reflected in both clinical [read more…]

Social Anxiety Body Language (Video Blog)

There’s a lot of information out there about social anxiety body language, how it affects your state of mind and emotions, and certain physical behaviours that are typical for people who suffer from social phobia. I think the first thing that we need to do is actually start noticing, because there is a way in [read more…]

Party Time … Feel Anxious Already?

Parties, weddings, social gatherings, dinner parties.  Normally something to enjoy, but not for people who suffer from social anxiety and social phobia. Often nothing can create more dread, fear and desire to avoid than a party. Without doubt social events can be nerve racking, but for most people who struggle with social anxiety, frequently the [read more…]

This story is a fictional case, but is made up of REAL clinical experiences from my 15+ years treating people with Social Anxiety Disorder. To read previous therapy sessions with John, see the links below: Session 1: Do I Have Social Anxiety? Meet John.  Session 2: Help, My Boss Scares Me (more from John) Today’s session [read more…]

whats your compass - overcoming social anxiety disorder

What’s Your Compass?

Anyone who has ever done “exposure therapy” for social anxiety disorder, or any anxiety for that matter, will know that it is hard. Some people give up on treatment at this point just because it is so hard. It might seem obvious but one of the things that can make it less hard (NOT easy) [read more…]


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